Quick start for Rundeck

- Install centos 5.4 (because that's what I used)

- Add the Rundeck repo
-- # sudo rpm -Uvh http://rundeck.org/latest.rpm

- Install Rundeck
-- # sudo yum install rundeck

- Create a "rundeck" user on the remote host
-- The remote host being the host that you'll be using your Rundeck server to affect

- Install the rundeck pub key on the remote host
-- /home/rundeck/.ssh/rundeck.id_rsa.pub
-- Double check that you can ssh to that host as "rundeck" without a password

- Start the rundeck daemon
-- # sudo /etc/init.d/rundeckd start

- Point your browser to http://
-- user: admin
-- passwd: admin

- Add a project
-- # rd-project -p nonproduction --action create

- Add your remote host
-- edit /var/rundeck/projects/nonproduction/etc/resources.xml
-- Add an additional node line similar to

- Test
-- As the rundeck user on the Rundeck server run:
-- # dispatch -I name=examplenode -p nonproduction --noqueue -- hostname

Hopefully you received the hostname of the remote node as the response.

For more info: http://rundeck.org/docs/RunDeck-Guide.html

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